JOOR - Importing to Zedonk


Only orders that have been approved in Joor will be available for importing into Zedonk.

Once every hour JOOR will generate a file with all orders approved in the last hour.  

It is not an automatic import - you have to click on CONNECTORS>IMPORT to bring in the approved order file from Joor

This is how it looks in JOOR

From Connectors select  ORDERS - IMPORT
Depending on your connector settings, ORDERS might be created in Zedonk as UNAPPROVED. Open and APPROVE them if needed.

To search for a JOOR order  number you can use the Select/Move/Filter function and paste the JOOR order number in Order reference. To search across multiple seasons remove the season filter

The JOOR order number will appear here in REF field (ORDER REF on Sales Order)

Every time you export an order from JOOR it will create a NEW order in Zedonk. You cannot send updated orders. To update an order, delete the original one in Zedonk and re-export from Joor. A new, revised, order will be created

Monitor the IMPORT history and potential errors in the CONNECTOR ACTIVITY.

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