JOOR - Overview and Activation

Connect Joor platform to Zedonk to receive sales orders directly into the ORDERS area in Zedonk. 

Zedonk sends Customer details, product details /prices, images and available to sell quantities (for clients with the inventory module only). 

Approved sales orders will import from Joor into Zedonk.

This module is an optional add-on. If you cannot access this from the Connectors page and would like more information please say HELLO ZEDONK

Mandatory Requirements :


All Products must have the same BARCODE NUMBER in Zedonk and Joor. 

Only products with matching barcode numbers will be recognised when orders are sent from Joor to Zedonk.

To read more about adding barcodes to your products - click here 


All Customers must have the same Account Code  in Zedonk and Joor (Customer Code). 

Only "ACTIVE" Customers with an Account Code/Customer Code will go from Zedonk to Joor when exporting. 

Only customers with a valid Account Code will be recognised when orders are sent from Joor to Zedonk.


Only DELIVERY (1) and ACCOUNTS (2) addresses are sent from Zedonk to Joor on a Customer Export.

Joor customer records will be automatically created/updated after the export.


DELIVERY (1) and ACCOUNTS (2) addresses received from Joor will show on the Order in Zedonk.

If these addresses don’t already exist in Zedonk, they will be automatically added onto the customer record.

The Customer STORE ADDRESS (3) on the order always populates from the record in Zedonk.


If you are connecting to a new Joor system, all products will be exported with barcodes, and customers with Account Code from Zedonk


If you are connecting to an existing Joor system, you will need to match your Zedonk customer Account Code to the Joor Customer Code and issue all product barcodes to Joor so they can be uploaded


Images uploaded to products in Zedonk can be exported to Joor. For more information about uploading images in Zedonk read here

N.B. The image that will be sent to Joor from your Product Costings will be 'Image 1'

Images - Export: The ideal product image dimensions for Joor are 660x900 pixels or a larger multiple of this ratio. The largest multiple of this ratio allowed in Zedonk is 1320x1800 pixels.

Now to get started...Go to CONNECTORS
Select the 'Joor Connector' Icon:
Within the Joor Connector, head to 'Settings' > 'Settings':

1. Import Order Season: You can capture sales orders in more than one season in Joor. If you want the sales orders to be imported to the correct season in Zedonk please ensure the season names match between systems i.e. both systems should say AUTUMN/WINTER 20, not AW20 and AUTMM/WINTER 20. If any of the seasons do not match - all sales orders from those seasons will go through to the season selected in your import settings.

2. Import Order Approved: When ticked, Sales Orders Imported from Joor will be APPROVED in Zedonk - read here for more information. Then vice-versa if unticked. 

3. Order Owner: Choose from a Zedonk user name - this will be the "Order Owner" for sales orders imported from Joor.

4. Include Future Available To Sell: Select this option to include FUTURE AVAILABLE TO SELL ('Projected') inventory levels when exporting stock.

N.B. The date that Zedonk sends to Joor is the ‘Product line Start Date’ from the production docket.

'Settings' > 'Seasons'

1. Select the season(s) you want to export Prices from, to Joor

N.B. If any products are visible in multiple seasons of the ones selected, the price sent to Joor will be from the most recent season that product was visible in (amongst the selected seasons).

If a product is in the catalogue, but not visible in any of the selected seasons, it will still be exported but with prices of "0.00".

2. Select the season(s) you want export AVAILABLE TO SELL Stock from, to Joor

N.B. If you have ATS for a product across more than one selected season, Zedonk will send the total inventory of all seasons. To read about ATS, click here


Now you are ready to create your catalogue
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